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Quartz watch is a type of watch with a mechanism that drives by a "quartz crystal". When the clock battery creates an electric field, the quartz crystal oscillates, the IC will control to make the gear system move in a certain cycle. Quartz is the English name for "quartz".

 Mechanical watch is a clock that uses a winding machine, without electronic devices. Watches are usually made of glass like 17, 21, 25.

 There are 2 types of mechanical watches, one is handwinding and the other is automatic (Automatic) - using the wrist wrist movement to maintain energy.

 A digital watch is called a Smart Watch that displays time by electronic screens or digits. You can listen to music and make phone calls through this watch like using mini phone.

 Men's sports watch is a specially designed watch, with a strap made of rubber, plastic or fabric to help athletes be convenient when playing sports.




A watch is a device that measures a period of less than a day; Unlike the calendar, it is a device that measures a day or more. There are advanced and sophisticated structures that achieve very accurate time measurement techniques. In addition to the large clocks placed in fixed positions, people have also created small watches that are easy to carry with them (called wrist watches), in addition to the function of recording time is also a fine art item. fashionable.




Men's watch includes 4 main types: Sports watches, quartz watches, mechanical watches, digital watches