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1/Men's Mechanical Watches:


What is a mechanical watch? What is a mechanical watch? These are watches that are completely mechanical, not related to electronics. Mechanical watches use the mechanical energy generated by the movement, protect the environment, and have an everlasting life that has been worthy of passion and desire for hundreds of years.

The history of mechanical watches goes back to about the 15th century, the larger the bulky watches were installed in the palaces, the smaller the size became. By the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, it was nearly as complete as it is today.

    The 20th century also marked the era of wristwatches, smaller, thinner movements, and the development of automatic winding mechanisms. Accompanied by the intense explosion of wrist watches, water resistance, shock resistance, cracked glass, rust resistant case ... also quickly better.

2/ Men's Quartz Watches:

What is a quartz watch? Should you buy a quartz watch?
It can be said that Quartz watches, also known as Quartz watches, are a masterpiece of the great designers because they are not merely watches, it is a fine art of manufacturing.

Men's Quartz Watches

What is a quartz watch?
Quartz watch (Quartz) is a watch with mechanism driven by a "quartz crystal". The crystal vibrates when placed in an electric field, thereby providing power to the watch.

The birth of Quartz watches
Launched in the late 20th century, quartz watches are considered to be a most important milestone in the history of the world of watches. No longer as expensive as mechanical watches, Quarzt helps the watch industry spread around the world.

The United States and Japan may be the two leading countries of this period with the world's largest watch factories. It is reported that the first quartz crystal watch in the world was made by artisans from the Japanese Seiko watch brand.

3/ Men's Sports Watches

To be called a sports watch, a watch must have one or more useful features for playing sports. Among them, we have 3 functions should be on the most popular modern sports watches? What is that? Refer now to choose the exact sports watch you need!

Men's Sports Watches

  Function on the watch is quite vast, from the function comes from the movement to the function of the case, strap, ... Of course, among them there are many features that the majority of users do not know and unused.

So, based on practicality, we only have the 3 functions that are needed on the sportiest watches:

≡≡ Chronograph - Stopwatch function
--- Tachymeter - Speed measurement function
≡≡ Water Resist - Water resistant function

√ Regardless of whether it is a mechanical or a battery, depending on the product line, the price of a sports watch, the three features may appear individually or together on a watch model. Of course, if you have all three and make sure it's a genuine watch then it's a genuine sporting goods.

4/ Men's Digital Watches:

Smartwatches, or smartwatches, are computerized wristwatches that function like enhancing maintenance time and are often compared to personal digital devices (PDAs). While the early versions could do basic tasks like calculating, translating or playing games, the modern smartwatch was an effective "wrist computer." Many smartwatches run mobile applications, while a small number run mobile operating systems that act like modern music players, providing the ability to listen to radio and listen to music. and capture files for users via a Bluetooth headset. Some smartwatches, also known as watch phones, are fully equipped with mobile phones that can make or answer phone calls.

Men's Smart Watches

Smart meters may include features such as a camera, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, stopwatch, calculator, mobile phone, monitor. Touchscreen, GPS, map, graphics, speakers, calendar, clock, SDcard, smart watch are recognized as a computer storage device and have a battery charging function. Smartwatches can be controlled via wireless headsets, monitor screens, infrared rays, headsets, modulators, or other devices.

Some smartwatches have a "sports watch" function with activity tracking features like those in a GPS watch (a sports watch specifically designed for a sport) with diving, outdoor sports. Functions may include training programs (time intervals), one-lap times, speed display, GPS tracking units, dive time, heart rate monitor, Cadence sensor compatibility, and compatibility with sports movements.

-Digital clock (English: Digital clock / watch, in Vietnam sometimes referred to as electronic clock) is the name of the clock that displays time by electronic screens or numbers. Most of these watches are crystal watches, which operate via quartz crystal or atomic clocks.

Digital digits are used in many types of watches, such as wall clocks, watches, alarm clocks, gauges, ...

Some analog hands with a digital display dial are called analogue hands.

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