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How will I know if a product I want to order is available to ship?

=>Products in stock and ready for shipping will be assigned. If a product is not in stock, CORKI WATCH will inform you of the online store. You will not be charged until the item ships.

How soon does CORKI WATCH  ship products after I place my order?

=> 10 am Asian time, items will be packed and shipped.

What are CORKI WATCH charges for overweight, oversize items?

=> From 0 to 5 kg is free shipping
=> From 5 to 20 kg pay an additional $ 20 for shipping service.

2/ Payment Options:

What are CORKI WATCH typical payment options?

=> CORKI WATCH accepts customer accounts or credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA, and PAYPAL. 

=> Transaction fees to be paid by your bank. We do not accept payment by debit card.

3 /Orders:

Can I change contact information on an order after it has been created?

=> No, generally once your orders has been created, it may not be changed.

Can I add an “Attention to” line remarks on an order for detailed information?

=> No, “Attention to” line remarks are not available

Can you change the ship-to address after an item has shipped?

=> No, Ship-to addresses may not be modified after entry.

Can you add items to an order, after the order has been placed and confirmed/ completed?

=> No, A new order will need to be placed

4 / Online Store:

How do I set up a login?

=> Whenever you are ready, you will be asked to set up a unique login and password on our secure server, when checking out from the cart or by clicking the 'register' button located in the upper right-hand side of the home page. Your username will be your e-mail address. If you have ordered from CORKI WATCH online before, you should be all set to continue.

How do you change or reset password if forgotten?

=> Customers can change their passwords from the website homepage, afeter signing-in (located upper right-hand side), then go into "My Account". Once inside of "My Account" choose the link for Password and follow directions. If password is forgotten, click Link "Forgot your password" when trying to sign in.

What payment options are available in CORKI WATCH Online Store?

=> We accept MasterCard, Visa, PAYPAL ,see payment options for more information payment options.

How can I access my account data?

=> After you have registered and log-in proceed to “My Account” and select appropriate options.

Which products does your store sell?
=> My shop professional business men wristwatch:

- Men's Sport Watches 

- Men's Quartz Watches 

- Men's Machanical Watches 

- Men's Digital Watches 

Do you like shopping online?
=> I enjoyed shopping online because of the convenience.


5;What is a men's sports watch?

 =>Men's sports watch is a specially designed watch, with a strap made of rubber, plastic or fabric to help athletes be convenient when playing sports.

6;What is men quartz watch?

=>Quartz watch is a type of watch with a mechanism that drives by a "quartz crystal". When the clock battery creates an electric field, the quartz crystal oscillates, the IC will control to make the gear system move in a certain cycle. Quartz is the English name for "quartz".

7;What is digital men watch?

=> A digital watch is called a Smart Watch that displays time by electronic screens or digits. You can listen to music and make phone calls through this watch like using mini phone.

8,What is Mechanical watches?

=>Mechanical watch is a clock that uses a winding machine, without electronic devices. Watches are usually made of glass like 17, 21, 25.

 =>There are 2 types of mechanical watches, one is handwinding and the other is automatic (Automatic) - using the wrist wrist movement to maintain energy.

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